If there’s one thing a PR practitioner is always pressured about it’s the number and impact of attendees in a Lakeland public relations event. While a jampacked event might be a sign of success for some, a true PR expert knows that the who’s who matters in this case.

This means that your event must have the right stakeholders for it to become a success. If all the people in the event are just rumor-mongers who absolutely will not make an impact on the company or product you are trying to introduce, the event will be a total failure.

What every event needs are attendees who matter to your cause—to get the word across about the company or the product. Journalists, industry experts, potential investors, and potential consumers… these are the people who matter to an event specialist or a Lakeland public relations expert.

Package the event properly

The way for the important stakeholders to notice your event is if it’s packaged properly. This means that when they see an ad or the invite for your event, it should be clear to them what it is about.

There should be no doubt in their mind that attending the event is vital to them, too. That’s a message you need to be clear about in all your marketing materials. Tell them what you have in store for them.

Be friends with the journalists

Journalists are hard to come by especially if there’s nothing earth-shattering about your event. If their media outfit will gain nothing by them covering the event, trust us that they won’t be there. But a PR event without journalists to cover it?

That’s a catastrophe! Be friendly with journalists even when you don’t need anything for them. Keep in touch with them regularly so when you need them for an event, you can personally ask a favor for them to attend it. Not that you’re using your friendship for business reasons but you get the point.

Have resource speakers who matter

Your resource speakers are one of the things that potential investors will look into when they see the invitation for your event. Why are they going to be there? What will they gain from attending your event? Investors love knowledge.

They love getting to know a company to see if it’s a viable investment. By inviting the right resource speakers, you get to pique the interest and the attention of potential investors who want to know what someone big in the industry thinks about the company who’s throwing the Lakeland public relations event.