Why do we hire Lakeland public relations specialists to promote our business? We need our target audience to be aware not only of our business but the different promotions, products, services, and events that we host.

The main purpose of every PR agency is to sell updates about their clients. They need to make sure that the general public has knowledge about what’s happening with their clients—whether there’s a new product, a revamped website, the beginning of a blog site, and many more.

Talk about it on social media and online forums

You can find your target market, whoever they may be, on social media. They are on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and LinkedIn. They are all over the internet, making the job of a Lakeland public relations company even more challenging.

But people flock where there is information that is pertinent to who they want to portray themselves on social media. What a PR agency needs to do is make waves on social media. Start the conversation going about the events.

Engage with those who leave comments and inquiries. Make the people aware that such an event is happening on a particular date. Awareness is the first step toward making a sale.

Reach out to the right influencers

Influencers are the more legitimate type of endorsements on social media these days. They are not exactly celebrities in terms of making films and commercials but on social media, they have one of the most powerful voices.

When choosing an influencer to promote the event, make sure he’s got the right kind of followers; the same market you want to tap. You have to remember, though, that influencers are rarely paid to make positive reviews. They are more about the experience of your event or your products.

Invite them to the event. Sell the benefits of attending the event and make sure they are going to have the time of their lives there because if not, you’ll hear all about it on their social media feeds.

Use traditional media

Don’t forget that traditional media still work. If you want to reach all types of audiences, you need to make use of the print and broadcast media, too. This means publishing a Lakeland public relations story about the event in the local newspaper or a known magazine.

If you have the money to spare, you may also want to buy television airtime to blast out the details of the event. Even a mention on a local radio station will benefit the events.