You see, when business people say that Lakeland public relations is expensive and they cannot afford it, they are usually correct. Anything that has to do with marketing, promotions, advertising, and public relations can be a bit pricey because these are the things that fuel the growth of every single business in an industry.

However, they are unavoidable, too, meaning your business won’t be able to survive such a harsh economic reality without a bit of PR thrown into the mix… well, a lot of PR, if we want to be true to ourselves.

Not all businesses, of course, can have an in-house PR team that’s dedicated to serving that business’ every whim or is ready to pounce when an issue gets in the way of a good profit. Here are some ways to be able to afford your very own PR team:

Outsource to a PR firm

You don’t always have to hire a whole group to be your in-house PR guys. You can outsource your PR needs to a reputable company. Hiring people means taking care of them in terms of compensation, benefits, and many more. It will require you to send them to training and seminars.

Not all businesses have the money or the resources to invest in this. What you can do is hire a team from a PR company. This team will be hired on a per-project basis. Once the project or issue is done, you won’t have to pay for their services anymore.

Do it yourself

Lakeland public relations has certainly become easier because of social media. There is now a tried and tested platform for your statements and information drive. You can try to do the PR work by yourself although this does not usually end well for the business.

The reason why we pay for a PR team is to use their connections and network. Though you may learn the techniques of the trade, that does not mean you’ll have the same connections and network as an actual PR team.

Make an x-deal

An x-deal is an exchange of goods and services between two or more companies. No money is involved here. Instead, the companies are paid with products or services.

You can consider cutting an x-deal with a Lakeland public relations company provided you can provide what they need in their business such as office supplies or furniture, future services, and many other things. Find something that you can offer and if you can cut a good deal, this will be to your advantage.