Do you have politician-clients? How do you use social media to disseminate their Lakeland public relations messages? If you are not using social media to spread awareness about your client, you are wasting precious time and free resources to reach a new audience.

Public relations and politics go hand-in-hand. It’s almost one cannot exist without the other. Even political systems that do not require vox populi know the importance of PR in politics. 

Easy-to-share Social Media Posts

One of the main characteristics of social media posts is that they are easy to share. With one click of a button, you can share a Lakeland public relations message to millions of your followers. And then, those followers can re-share the post and influence their network of friends and family.

The idea of easy-to-share social media posts is to create a chain reaction. Politicians should be able to reach citizens across the nation, no matter where they live, what age they are, what income level they belong to, and what lifestyles they follow. 

Social media posts can reach a large group of people in such a short amount of time. By optimizing the posts and the time when these messages are sent, PR specialists can reach out to relevant groups of people who are affected by the message contained in the post. 

Blogging to Reach New Audience

Millennials are very, very different from the generations that precede them. As the biggest population in the world now, millennials are taking everything by storm. In terms of politics, they are not satisfied with the usual press releases anymore. You can’t win them over with flowery words and not talk about policies.

As a Lakeland public relations specialist, you should consider creating a blog for your client. On this blog, your client should discuss the various policies he/she plans to pursue once elected. It would also be wise to use this platform to showcase your client’s human side. 

Engagement With Audience

There is no easier way to engage with your client’s audience and probable voters but on social media. Without a social media presence, your clients will miss out on the opportunity to engage with the audience, reach out to them, and get to know them.

Let your clients have a live Facebook event where those who tune in can ask policy questions (and even non-politics-related questions). This will endear your clients to your target audience. 

You can put your knowledge of Lakeland public relations to good use by making sure that your target audience can know as much as they want to know about your clients through social media.