When you’re handling press releases for Lakeland public relations, you have to wonder how many press releases is too much. After all, doesn’t it make sense to consistently update the press with whatever’s new with the business or company that you’re handling?

However, if you’re handling the Lakeland public relations of a company, and they require you to send a high number of press releases every month, then you may be risking your company’s credibility.

While it’s important to maintain a presence with the press, you have to understand that sending a high amount of press releases makes it seem like every press release you send to the press contains irrelevant information because of the constant stream of information that comes from your company.

You have to only send press releases when something really important happens. If you send in a press release during these events, then it shows them that your press releases are always relevant. At most, you should only be sending a press release only once or twice a month. Here are some tips to keep in mind when sending out press releases.

Make sure you select the content you send to the press carefully

As we’ve mentioned before, it’s important that you screen the content that you send out to the press. If you send out a press release every single time that something happens, then the press will stop taking you seriously when you send out a press release.

Carefully choosing the Lakeland public relations content you put out guarantees that your press releases are always relevant and have something important to say.

Make sure it’s straight to the point

Remember that reporters and other media outlets are very busy. So if you’re sending out a press release, avoid flowery language, and adding too many unimportant details to the press release.

Instead, make sure that the content you create for your Lakeland public relations press releases contains the information that is needed, and gets straight to the point. Following this consistently guarantees that the media will know that the information that you provide them is always relevant.

Quality will always trump quantity

Like with plenty of aspects in like, quality will always be better than quantity when it comes to press releases for your Lakeland public relations.

Guaranteeing that the information that you provide the media is relevant and high quality guarantees that all press coverage involving your company is always of good quality as well.