Have you noticed how even the most successful CEOs still have trouble doing media interviews? That’s because their Lakeland public relations specialists did not prepare them enough for how overwhelming it is to answer questions in front of a camera.

PR experts recommend that CEOs be more visible in today’s digital world. That means that they have to do media rounds so their market can better connect with them and their businesses.

However, your Lakeland public relations clients may not exactly be fond of spending time in front of the camera. He may be more of a doer, more of an action-oriented person than someone who loves talking about what his business does in front of the camera. There are ways you can help him achieve a successful media interview.

Understand The Media Organization

Do your research and study what the media organization is all about and what kind of audience it caters to. You might need to watch some of the reporter’s past interviews to study his nuances, his viewpoints, and even his agenda. You should anticipate every question and every move that the interviewer will make. That will help you prepare your client for what’s to come.

Ask About The Interview

You are well within your rights to ask the reporter about the nature of the interview: what will it be about? Will there be personal questions? Is it live or pre-recorded? Will there be other interviewees with your client? Where will the interview take place? This information will help you prepare your client on how to present himself, as well as how to dress up, how to sit, whether to be formal or casual, and how to address the reporter.

Hold Practices

Don’t be overconfident that your client will ace the interview just because you prepped him up and dressed him well. Reporters are trained to get information, even the ones you are not willing to give. Ask your client the prepared questions, then throw in a couple of questions he doesn’t expect. That will keep him on his toes. You have to see if he’s ready to represent the company before the media.

Keep It Brief

Remind your Lakeland public relations clients that reporters hate nothing more than long-winded answers. They should keep themselves on check if they’re droning on and not making any sense anymore. Give them a bullet list of information about the company and the key issues they need to present. They should be concise.