Like plenty of other industries out there, Lakeland public relations has learned to evolve with the new technologies that have been made available to them. One of the most prominent ways that public relations has learned to incorporate new technology is through social media platforms.

Before, public relations was believed to incorporate only media relations and purely media platforms to tell business’ stories and to get their names out there.

Today, social media is proving to be one of the strongest platforms that public relations companies can incorporate into their strategies. Here are some ways that Lakeland public relations have adapted to include social media and how social media has changed how public relations is perceived.

Placed more of an emphasis on the customer

Before, public relations was more focused on the company and how the general public perceives that particular company. For a long time, this is how it was always done. That was the whole point of public relations, after all.

When social media become more mainstream, it was found that there is more of an emphasis on communication, which opened an entirely new mentality to focus more on one-on-one interactions with the customer.

The internet also allows regular users the same amount of exposure as any journalist because of how fast trends and huge stories can go viral. This has resulted in companies being more customer-centric, which provides for a much better company interaction experience.

Allows small businesses to be on the same level as large ones

Before the rise of online tech and social media, public relations used to be available to larger businesses who could afford to pay an entire public relations team to handle their public image.

Today, because of the accessibility of the internet and how affordable online services are, small businesses are allowed the same amount of exposure as those large businesses without having to pay a significant amount for their public relations strategy.

One of the most prominent effects that social media has provided is the ability for small businesses to be on the same level as large businesses, not only in the public relations industry but in marketing as well.

Use social media as a platform for their stories

The Lakeland public relations model of the past relied heavily on press releases and media relations as a way to tell a company’s story or to update the public about any new developments in a company.

Nowadays, companies have the option to use social media to inform the general public about anything that’s happening with the company.

Also, because it’s online, users have the option of checking out stories that have been archived from years ago, instead of waiting for the story to come up in the paper or a magazine and having to save it if they wanted to reread it.