Practically every country you can think of has been in lockdown since March. While restrictions have certainly eased in many parts of the world, there is no denying the fact that Covid-19 hasn’t exactly been kind to service-based industries like Lakeland public relations. As much as businesses need to realign their PR strategies and come up with ways to assure their customers, many companies are on a wait-and-watch approach, which meant halting their PR budgets and putting partnerships on hold.

On the financial side of things, this looks bad for the industry. It has been flourishing and blossoming for the past few years that there was never a doubt in anyone’s mind that public relations will continue to shape industries. But as well know, Covid-19 was an unprecedented event, one that we were unprepared for. So as much as businesses understand the importance of doing PR work at this time, they are also on a financial setback.

Making Brands Trustworthy

Companies can’t forever neglect public relations. At some point, they would have to create a strategy that will bring back trust to their brand. That wouldn’t be easy seeing as many people have been desensitized and made into a cynic by the coronavirus. Is your store safe? Do you follow health protocols? Are you reliable? Did you make things easier for your customers during the lockdown?

People are reluctant to trust brands that did not transition during the outbreak. If you did not offer anything new—such as delivery services and refunds—during the height of the outbreak, what makes you think your customers will just return once things are settled?

A good PR company can build reliability about the brand. It can create an image of positivity and reliability so that as soon as the situation improves, you can reconnect with your customers.

Breakthrough for Small Businesses

There is a chance for small businesses to break into the market. Since big businesses have cut their Lakeland public relations and marketing budgets, this is a good a time as any for small businesses to pounce on the chance. One, public relations companies will charge less since they have fewer clients. Two, they can focus more on your business. And three, a small business will get the maximum exposure since big players are taking a back seat.

Public relations is not a foolproof strategy for marketing your business. Instead, it complements the methods you use to promote and market your products and services.