Is there an industry unaffected by the coronavirus pandemic? Lakeland public relations are directly tied to businesses, whichever industry they may belong to. Without businesses needing their services or with businesses effectively shut down or with businesses struggling to survive and have no means to invest, the PR industry may suffer massive losses. 

The Lakeland public relations industry then needs to be creative on how it can cope through a pandemic that has put almost everything on hold. As the world tries to grapple with the reality that things will never go back to normal, PR experts and specialists should take this time to reinvent their services, enhance their skills, and find meaningful products and services that their clients will need at a time like this. 

Thankfully, PR specialists have always been flexible and skillful. Armed with years of dealing with clients and the media have put the Lakeland public relations in a stable position to survive the pandemic. 

Web Content 

During this time, people are spending more time browsing the internet, following social media accounts, and reading blogs and news articles. Your client’s presence needs to felt online. At a time when people are basically stuck at home, the only “leisurely activity” they can commit to is browsing the internet. Hone your skills in creating web content, whether in the form of a blog or a video. Make engaging and relevant web content that can benefit your clients. 

Social Media 

Check your clients’ social media pages. What does it contain? This was not used to be part of your responsibilities as a Lakeland public relations expert. Social media marketing is a whole other ballgame but with time in your hands, you can get a sense of where your clients stand on the social media scene. How does its target market perceive them? What reputation has the brand cultivated for itself? Are there issues about the brand that you can turn into good PR? How can your client use social media as a way to educate, inform, and persuade customers?

Pay-per-click Advertising

You can also dabble into PPC advertising and retarget some ads that are no longer effective. The problem with PPC is that it often just sits around and waits for a web user to notice and click on it. PPC ads can be proactive in seeking “clickers,” too. If the ad is created with the intention of appealing to a specific market, it will do its job better. That’s where Lakeland public relations can come into play. PR specialists are experts in crafting an image for the brand.