One of the primary roles of working in Lakeland public relations means presenting a favorable image to the general public. At times, this usually means that you have to go on interviews to speak on behalf of your company. However, plenty of people find the interview-process to be a rather stressful one, as this means having to go on camera. 

As a result, they don’t know how to conduct themselves properly on the camera, which can hurt the image of the company and the professional. To make sure that your Lakeland public relations strategy goes off with no problems, here are some tips to help you handle interviews properly. 

Speak with confidence

One of the main reasons why people do badly in interviews is that they don’t know how to be confident in themselves, especially when it comes to camera work. Make sure to prepare yourself for the questions that they are highly-likely to ask, and go through them in your mind before the interview begins. 

You need to have confidence in the things that you are saying during the interview in order for your point to come across as more genuine, so learn and understand what you’re going to say so that you can adequately support it during the interview process. 

Avoid arrogance

Confidence is important to get your point across, but make sure that it does not cross over into arrogance, which can be a very fine line. If you come off as arrogant during your interview, this will affect your Lakeland public relations significantly. Make sure to talk about the topic at hand and do not make it all about you. Follow your cues from the interviews to let the conversation flow naturally. 

Keep a cool head

Depending on the interviewer, you can end up having to deal with a question or an approach is that is more aggressive than what is needed. If you end up having to face one of these, it’s always important to keep a cool head and respond to those questions without matching their aggressive energy. Getting angry and defensive will do nothing for your public image, which a calm response is more likely to come off well to your audience. 

Try to be more likable

While you don’t have to be the most sociable person, you do have to make sure that you come off as more likable during your interviews. Try adding a more personal touch to your responses so that you come off as more relatable, and more likable during the interview. Talk about the company, and its ideals and motivations in order to give it more personality.