Does it really come as a surprise to you that small businesses aren’t investing in Lakeland public relations and marketing? The reasons are endless: we don’t have enough money, we don’t earn enough, our market is just fine, we’re reaching our customers well enough, etc.

PR is the last thing in any small business owner’s mind because it’s too much work and money. But this is where you will fail as a business owner. PR and marketing are two components of a business that should never be ignored. These two are the most effective ways to communicate your company’s value to the market. 

Still can’t understand why PR is important even for small businesses? Back in 2014, we get our news in a 24/7 news cycle. That means what happens today will appear on paper tomorrow. Although evening news also has a way of giving information to viewers, most people will receive their news by morning the next day. This changed when social media become prevalent. 

News is now being given out by the second. Tweets are sent out to break news stories almost every minute. Your customers are also reading these breaking news and stories, which means they are likely only throughout the day. This is what you’re missing out on when you don’t have PR and marketing strategies.

You are missing out on the chance to connect with your customers. Remember that these same customers could be browsing online shops and the social media feeds of companies. If you are not on their radar, you are not getting the attention your business needs. 

PR Is Cost-effective

Small businesses that cannot afford ads on social media and traditional media will do well to partner with a Lakeland public relations agency. A press release distributed to proper channels can garner free coverage and exposure.

When a media outfit publishes a story about you, this is a powerful way of telling customers your company is reputable and legitimate. PR is one of the most effective ways to build a brand’s credibility. 

Although there are some attacks on how a media could be biased today, many are still inclined to believe what they see on the news. If they see a media organization talk about the benefits of your products and services, trust that people will come flocking to your store.

A growing number of consumers are not convinced by ads anymore. They know these are paid platforms. They are more interested in what they hear and read from the news. That’s why it makes sense to get a Lakeland public relations for your small business.