The work of Lakeland public relations is hard enough without misconceptions making it more difficult to attract clients. Many of these misconceptions are stopping executives from hiring PR agencies.

For them, it’s a waste of time considering they are already paying for advertising agencies. But these are two very different things because, for one, public relations is all about earning the reputation you want your company to be known for. 

A solid PR campaign has the power to bring your company to success. It is as far as possible to marketing and advertising wherein a campaign is specifically made only for one product or service. With PR, the outcome can last your business for years. It will be the foundation of how your customers see your brand. 

Too Expensive

Don’t assume immediately that public relations is expensive. There are various options available to you. Many agencies offer basic packages wherein you can still get the benefits of the full PR service. You should also consider the scope of what the agency can do for your brand. Is it too much to pay for a PR agency that can bring your business to new heights?


There are many things in a business that you can do yourself, but public relations is not one of them. The relationship of a PR expert with journalists and others in the media industry is born from years of experience and camaraderie. You cannot buy that.

You cannot have the same resources as other PR agencies do. And besides, many of these PR experts have been part of the industry for so long. How can you convince editors and journalists to take you seriously if you’re not going through the people they trust?

Media Relations and Advertising

Media relations is part of public relations. But PR isn’t just about the media. It is based on a variety of things that only include your company’s relationship with the media. It depends on your goals and objectives.

If you need to generate traffic to your website, PR isn’t for you. It’s better if you build a website and use the content. If you need to establish yourself as an expert in the industry, you need to organize webinars and conferences. 

And again, Lakeland public relations is not the same as advertising. You need to pay for advertising. You don’t pay for PR. You earn the credits of getting written about by the media because of the strategies you used to get noticed. It’s not about paying for a space in the newspaper or a mention in a radio program.