It will shock you how Lakeland public relations is present in your life. Every day, you are inundated by marketing campaigns, advertisements, news items, and public announcements that have PR written all over it. No business or political leader or government or celebrity could ever survive without public relations. This is the core of their existence.

But every day, we hear misconceptions about public relations, too. Whether it’s PR teams deliberately starting a scandal or them paying off journalists and editorial desks, we’ve probably heard all we can about the evils of public relations. Not all of these are true, of course, and we’re here to debunk these myths.

Bad Press Is Good Press

This might have worked in the past when all you need is for the news coverage to get your name right. It’s easy to be known in public when newspapers are picking up your story for free.

This doesn’t work anymore right now. Because of the internet age, people are quick to “cancel” businesses that received bad press. Say, for example, a business had an issue about a labor dispute. Back then, PR will work on this to turn things around. This doesn’t work right now because people on the internet are going to “cancel” these businesses faster than you can say the word cancel.

PR Is About Press Conferences and Press Releases

Sure, you can send press releases to your target journalists once a day or even more if there are important updates, but this isn’t just what you do. It’s bad for public relations to focus more on press releases and press conferences than building up the brand in the real world. If you keep on organizing and hosting press conferences, no one will want to attend them anymore. Press conferences should be reserved for the biggest possible events.

Good Public Relations Is Forever

This is not true. There’s such a thing as a one-hit-wonder. This means that personalities and brands can have their 15-minute of fame on the internet. They skyrocket to the top for a day or two, but they don’t stay there. That’s how fickle the industries are. Even if you get a million hits right now, there is no assurance that you will get the same once you launch a new product.

These myths should be put to rest so companies can finally realize how important Lakeland public relations is. These misconceptions can be causing companies to think that they don’t need a good PR strategy to promote their brand.