Viral videos are everywhere on social media. Do you know that businesses make it a point to have someone create a video for them that could, at some point, become viral? Yes, creating viral videos is becoming a profitable career these days and why not? It’s a great tool for Lakeland public relations since videos are able to send messages to the target audience on a platform that everyone has access to.

Make the videos relatable, funny, and interesting

You cannot expect every video to be viral. It has to have the right elements of excitement and interesting. Viewers must be able to relate to it in a way that is comfortable for them. Otherwise, they would not share your video. If the video is offensive or it would not complement the kind of image and reputation your specific market has on social media, they would not want to share it on their feed.

You have to find the right balance on what your market wants to see, what they can relate with, and what they are comfortable enough to share with the rest of the virtual world. The video has to be interesting and unique and funny… it has to be almost perfect in its goals—whether to make you laugh, embarrass someone, or in the case of public relations, clear up an issue and build a reputation for an individual or a business entity.

Share, share, share

Could a video go viral without people sharing it with their friends? Make it easy for your viewers and your target market to share your video. They should be able to click on just one button to share it on social media and they must be able to embed it in their websites if they want to. That’s the reason why it is also important that your company’s name or whatever it is that you’re advocating and promoting in the video should be present in every element.

You never know where or to whom your videos will be shared. Without proper credits, a viral video that is created for public relations would fail in its quest to create a momentum of sale-ability. Without credits, anyone can lay claim on your videos, especially once they have become viral.

Engage with commenters and likers

Once your video has gone viral, make it a point to connect with your audience. This is an importance opportunity that you cannot take for granted. As soon as you have your audience hooked to your video, it’s time to start bombarding them with information that could help your public relations strategy. By this time, they are more open to the messages you are indirectly sending through social media.