Never is choosing the right communication tools been more critical than it is now. For the Lakeland public relations industry, it is now in a critical junction between following the chatbot trends or completely ignoring it thinking that the industry is far better off without artificial intelligence. 

Marketers and PR specialists are turning away from apps and investing in chatbots. And why not? Chatbots save a lot of money. Since Facebook rolled it out for its Messenger app, there has been success after success story told about the benefits of chatbots in a small business, in particular. Okay, let’s be honest. Big businesses are the first ones to take notice of the advantages of using chatbots. This alone should be a wake-up call to public relations specialists who are still not adapting bots into their strategies. 

How exactly can chatbots help PR experts and companies?


You can use bots to schedule certain broadcasts over the internet. This will allow media outlets and PR companies to disseminate information on time. The bots will automatically publish the post, depending on the date and time that you set for those posts. This is also important for crisis communication. If you need to reach out to your audience immediately and on time, chatbots can help you broadcast your message. 


Bots will eliminate the need for a social media manager. You don’t even have to be online 24/7 to answer the inquiries from your potential customers. The bots can do that for you. Simple questions such as the operating hours of the store, inquiry about items, and other information about the products/services can be handled by a chatbot. 


Chatbots are more than your own personal digital secretary. It acts also to help your customers arrive at a favorable decision for your business. Today’s bots can already make a sale, only transferring such transactions to you or another when there’s a complication in the process. For the most part, chatbots can process orders and transact sales. 

Bots as Artificial Intelligence

Not only is the Lakeland public relations industry learning from bots, so are we. From bots, you can learn about your customers’ preferences. They also adapt to the behavior of the customers based on the engagement such customers previously had with the organization. The longer you use chatbots to interact and engage with your customers, the more in tune it will be to handle difficult customers and business situations.