Many think that Lakeland public relations is simply a glorified modern propaganda and manipulation. While this could not be denied by other PR agencies, this is not what PR sets out to do initially. Public relations in politics is building a communication, a bridge between the general public and the government. It could be used to explain to the public general policies and laws that could affect their lives and their welfare.

However, this is not how politicians use PR these days. Instead, PR is being used to build their reputations and thus, persuade the electorate to vote for them and support their candidacies. Here are the various ways how public relations could build a good reputation for even the most hateful of politicians:

Deliver a “drop-mic” speech

If there is an issue hounding the politician, a good way for any PR to build up his reputation is to organize an event where the politician could address the issues through a resounding speech. The politician needs a good speechwriter, preferably someone who can turn things around and make it seem like the politician was the hero or the victim. Since every politician is eloquent and articulate, delivering a “drop-mic” speech should not be a problem.

Engage with the electorate

Engaging with the electorate involves going to government offices and residents and talking with the people who will be most affected by government policies. These are the stakeholders and the electorate loves seeing politicians talk with regular folks, seemingly interested in whatever issues they are talking about.

Visit charities and welfare centers

This is another strategy that would create a good reputation for a politician. Visiting charitable institutions, adoption homes, welfare centers, and the homeless would build a bridge between the general public and this politician. It would make the politician human, too—like he is one of us and that he could help us communicate what we want the government to address.

Feed the homeless

Thanksgiving Day is a particular holiday where politicians would dress up in turkey costume and put aprons and ladle soup for the homeless. This might seem like too much drama for some but trust us, the general public gobbles this image up and likes seeing their politicians literally serve them.

Promise policies and laws

Politicians will keep on promising policies and laws for their electorate, just as long as it could get them elected. A PR agency isn’t really bad because no self-respecting PR agent would suggest that a politician lie. Instead, PR firms usually ask the politician’s campaign team what kind of laws and policies he hopes to pass once elected. The firms then use these plants to strategize and communicate with the voters.