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Amp Your Lakeland Public Relations Strategies With This Year’s PR Trends

02 March

Over the years, the clear lines between marketing and Lakeland public relations have blurred. We can no longer distinguish between public relations and marketing strategies. This 2020, it is more vital than ever to earn media exposure rather than pay for it. 

Serving Public Interest

We have seen how influencer-based marketing has dominated industries in the past couple of years. The rise of this marketing strategy has pulverized press relations. No longer are the press people waiting for PRs from well-known agencies. They actually wait around for influencers to post on their social media channels, leaving PR experts in limbo as to how to redirect attention to them. 

But there’s a trend in public relations that’s gaining quite a momentum. Why do you need to send a direct message to your audience about what your company is about? Have you noticed how much social media channels love social, political, economic, and environmental issues?

Why not use your products/services to resolve tension? You can earn the right type of conversation from your target media and audience when you worked your brand into a situation that is already garnering media attention. 

If there’s a natural disaster, for example, you can insert your brand in the scene. You can make a difference in the communities affected by the disaster while also gaining free (and earned) media attention from the media. 

Using Key Performance Indicators

Never before have KPIs been as important as they are now. Companies are trying to streamline the amount of money they pour into their PR endeavors. They want to make sure that the Lakeland public relations strategies are working.

They need to make sure that the output is benefiting their end goal: to inform their target audience and make a profit. They can only do that by setting up indicators of success. 

So, what happens when these indicators are not met? They must change their strategies. They must be willing to change these strategies no matter how complex they are.

It’s a waste of time and money to continue on a strategy that hasn’t been effective for months or years. That’s why KPIs in Lakeland public relations are important. They are the final say to the continuation of a PR strategy. 

This year will bring a lot more trends in the PR industry. More changes are bound to come in the coming years. But the focus of every brand or company should be to find out what works best for them.

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