Out of all of the careers out there, a Lakeland public relations professional’s is one of the most misunderstood ones out there. Because of its association with the media, it is often over glamorized, which puts the professionals in this industry in an unfair position. 

Most of the time, people assume that PR professionals simply have fun socializing with media personalities. However, if a career in this industry is one that you’re interested in, you should be well aware that it means much more than just hanging out with the media. 

It’s important to be fully aware of the scope of responsibilities expected in this profession, especially if you’re looking to be a part of it. Learn more about some of the key responsibilities of a Lakeland public relations professional. 

Media relations

One of the main job responsibilities of a public relations professional is to build connections with the local media. Communicating with local media outlets comprises a large part of any PR professional’s job. With this in mind, it is essential that you have excellent communication skills if you want to survive in this industry. 

However, communicating with the media isn’t the only part of your job that is going to test your communication skills. You should also be maintaining effective communications with your clients.

As you can see, a large part of your job is going to include forging and maintaining professional relationships, which are essential to a good PR strategy and your career. 

Media analysis

Not only is a good relationship with media outlets essential to the success of your Lakeland public relations career, but you should also have analytical skills as well. 

A large part of a public relations career is the construction of press releases and story pitches, but have you ever wondered exactly how public relations professionals come up with these? 

A lot of planning goes into each and every one of these. They are planned and thoroughly analyzed to make the most impact on the intended audiences and the general public. 

Previous pitches and press releases are also properly analyzed to determine which ones did well, and which ones didn’t. This is good for maintaining consistency for the brand, which is something that is good for public image and reputation. 

Internal communication

While public relations is generally associated with managing the public image, internal communications could also use a little public relations as well.

Another key responsibility of a public relations professional also includes maintaining good internal communications within the company. This is to help maintain a good working environment within the company.