Promoting your business is an important decision to make to get your business out there. If you’ve been looking for an option for a while, you might have been looking into a variety of options to help boost your business’ visibility. While looking around, you might have encountered Lakeland public relations and advertising. 

These are two forms of marketing that tend to get confused for the other quite a lot, mainly because of how similar these two are. The main point of these two forms of marketing involves reaching out to various media outlets to obtain more exposure to your business and your brand. 

You should know though, that while they do make use of the same channels for visibility, there are still significant differences between these two options.

When deciding between Lakeland public relations and advertising, you should learn what these differences are so that you are properly informed and make the right decision suited for your needs. 


When doing a comparison of the two, public relations is going to be more cost-effective compared to advertising services. If you choose to go with public relations, you pay the public relations company a retainer fee to handle your press releases and public images, and that’s it. 

On the other hand, with advertising, you are going to have to pay when you need to run an ad to run in a magazine, newspaper, or media outlet. And if you want it to run for an extended period, then you are going to have to pay more. And if you want to run another kind of ad, then you’re going to have to pay all over again

When it comes to public relations, the media outlet is who chooses to run your story, so you don’t have to pay them just to run your piece. 


SEO is one of the main forms of online marketing and is very important to a lot of businesses, especially local ones. Because of how easy it is for customers to find information online, they are always at the ready to make use of that information. 

One of the main benefits of public relations is that when people look up your company, they will find the media outlets and websites that link to your website because of your press releases, which boosts your SEO. As they find more accurate and up-to-date information they can find about your company, the more beneficial this is for your public image.