If you own a business but could not afford to hire a Lakeland public relations consultant, that does not mean that you cannot do the Lakeland pubic relations stuff yourself. Though this is a highly technical job that requires people with great knowledge and experience, you can follow through some of the tips you’ll find here from Lakeland public relations experts to engage with the public (your audience) better.

Solidify your key messages

Your key message will appear on all kinds of marketing strategies and platforms. It will also affect the way you communicate with employees, reporters, investors, customers, board members, and industry analysts. Your key messages should remain consistent and they should emphasize your core strength.

Identify what is newsworthy

If you want reporters to cover your business, there should be something newsworthy about you. What would be of interest to the people? That’s the first thing that media ask itself when vetting a story out.

Know your journalists

You should know the journalists who cover the industry you are in. Read their articles and get to know them through their LinkedIn and Facebook accounts. By familiarizing yourself with the stories they do, you will be able to get an idea of what stories sell and what do not.

Write a press release

A press release should inform rather than sell. That’s the most critical component of a business owner. He should realize that the press release should be interesting and should be informative. The sell will happen once you have informed (and persuaded through this information) the target market. Work with local Lakeland public relations firms to achieve this.

Be responsive

When an email pops up on your screen, answer it as soon as you can. If you cannot give a definitive answer, simply respond that you will get back to the sender as soon as you have the right information.

Work with local Lakeland public relations firms or freelancers

Local Lakeland public relations firms and freelancers know more about the area than any big PR corporations. They are also cheaper and they are willing to do the hard work to impress any client.

Build relationships with bloggers

Not so many years ago, bloggers don’t have this much influence on your target market. But we’re living in a different world now and your marketing strategies should change with the times. Don’t be so focused on journalists that you forget about the bloggers, influencers, and freelancers.

Make use of social media

Finally, make use of social media. You could not survive today’s marketing industry without using social media. It’s free. It’s effective. It’s the fastest way to get your message across to the audience and measure their feedback.