There are many different types of Lakeland public relations — from fashion to technology to healthcare to politics to entertainment to beauty. Each one is different and operates in a different way. But similar to other industries, if you want to be successful in PR, you need to follow a certain formula.

Develop a strong personality

The job of a PR agent will involve getting in touch with a lot of different people and doing a lot of things that you may not know at first. Nobody expects a PR agent to know everything about the job, but a hiring manager needs to see that you are willing to learn and you are sharp and enthusiastic. Your ability to communicate better will set you apart from the other applicants, too, because at the end of the day, that is the most important skill or tool you can offer.

Apply for an internship

School teaches you a lot, but there’s nothing like the daily grind of an actual PR firm that could open up your idealistic eyes. You need to see what is actually going on in the industry before you think about carving a job in it. People here must be fast learners. They must be quick on their feet. They must know how to multitask and they must be willing to be held accountable.

Pitch your skills perfectly

You don’t need to be a PR major to be in the industry. All you need are the right skills and you will fit in the system. PR firms require different skills—you need to be analytical and understand how the business works. You need to be a good writer, too. If these are your skills, you may have a shot at succeeding in the industry.

Prepare for the interview

Too many candidates still attend an interview without the proper preparation. You need to bring multiple copies of your resume because these will be asked from you. Read about the company on their website, so you can ask important and intelligent questions about the company and their clients. Show the hiring manager that you have done your job and prepared well for it.

Be prepared for the job

There is no typical day in the PR industry. There is always something new when you’re working in PR. You may be researching one moment and then, doing an event the next hour. It’s exciting and challenging, but the hours are long, so you have to sacrifice a lot.