If done right, a Lakeland public relations campaign has a long-lasting impact on the brand’s reputation and public image. For it to be truly effective, though, the campaign must be well-planned, well-researched, and well-executed.

It’s more than just a press release or a truly great event to raise brand awareness. Public relations is a science and an art. It can bring your business to unprecedented heights.

A great PR campaign can bring and attract national and even international media attention to your business. Such positive attention will not only raise awareness about your brand. It will also increase sales and boost the relationship between the organization and the public.

Set a Goal

Every good campaign starts by identifying its big-picture goal. What do you hope to achieve with this campaign? Do you want to boost brand awareness? Do you want to increase your sales? Do you want to build a more positive relationship with your audience?

It’s easier to come up with a great campaign when you’re focused on one main goal. But aside from this question, you should also consider how much you have for the campaign and what kind of message you want to send your stakeholders, market, and industry.

Know Your Audience

You cannot create a good campaign if you don’t know who you’re talking to. What does your audience want to hear from you? Who are they? Who’s going to receive the message?

Take the time to create a customer persona who will react to this message. Imagine how that person will receive the message before crafting the campaign.

Choose the Platform

How do you want to spread this message or campaign? Will you use social media? Is it going to be in the newspapers? Are you going to host an event or a press conference? Will it be through an ordinary press release?

The platform you choose in sending your message will determine how you should craft the campaign.

Write Exceptionally

If you want journalists to give your press release the time of day, write an exceptional news release. Don’t beat around the bus. Go straight to the point.

A great Lakeland public relations know too well that the key to a successful campaign is reeling journalists in. They have to believe in your story. Include relevant data and quotes from industry leaders and employees.

Research Media Companies

Distributing the press release to relevant media outfits is the key to the success of a Lakeland public relations campaign. It’s important to do research on media companies and their relevance to your cause.

Distribute the press release to media publications that cover your industry. Reach out to journalists and bloggers who might be interested in your topics. Don’t waste your time running after media companies and personalities who do not have the voice your brand needs.