Before getting into the detail of where to put a Lakeland public relations message or campaign, we must first define to whom the campaigns are being written.

Your target audience is the people to whom the message of the campaign should be effective. They are a group of people potentially interested in your business’ products and services. They could be your customers, stakeholders, investors, clients, and more.

Any PR team that’s worth their pay should first define the target audience before creating any message that is intended for them. Once you have defined who they are, you can start creating a campaign that can communicate your business’ message, encourage them to be customers, build brand awareness, and increase your sales leads.

But to fulfill these goals, you must first have to reach your audience. These are the four ways you can send a well-crafted message:

Engage in social media

Your target audience is most probably on social media. Engage with them by answering inquiries, responding to comments, thanking them for their suggestions, and addressing complaints.

You can always start the conversation going by posting something they would most probably respond to. Before doing this, though, try to get a good grasp of what kind of social media platforms your target audience is using.

Get featured in publications they read

Your target audience is most likely to read certain publications that interest them such as newspapers, magazines, websites, blogs, and even industry papers.

Use your Lakeland public relations power to get your business featured in these publications and increase the awareness of your target audience about your brand.

When your target audience sees your business in their favorite publications, it helps build your profile as a legitimate business they can consider purchasing items from or hiring for certain services.

Improve your SEO score

If Google does not rank your website, there is no way people who use it to search for products and services will find you. Your website needs to appear high in search engine results if you want to reach your target audience, whoever they may be.

Remember that practically everyone uses Google these days to get information. Improving your SEO score must be a top priority for your business.

Seek speaking opportunities

The best way to get in front of your target audience is to speak at conferences, exhibits, seminars, and the like. Start by researching about the conferences that your target audience attends then you can pitch to the organizers to let you speak on a topic that you feel you are an expert on. This will establish yourself as an expert and your voice as authority.