Brands are now becoming more creative with the way they work with influencers and allow them to influence their Lakeland public relations.

A survey from digital agency Burst Media showed that for every $1 spent by a company on an influencer marketing program, the advertisers receive $6.85 in earned media value. If you ask us, that’s not too bad and PR firms should definitely stand up and take notice.

Your brand’s collaboration with celebrities and influencers, especially those with a massive following on social media, has a direct impact on your brand’s credibility among consumers. Influencer marketing also allows you to improve your Lakeland public relations by engaging with your consumers.

Influencers show consumers how your brand is used in real-life situations

Influencers gain followers because they are trusted and because their followers believe in what they have to say since they have proven that in the past by being honest with their takes and reviews.

Influencers such as those you see in the blogging community and on Instagram have worked hard to build their reputations and rarely do they allow companies to jeopardize that.

So, when they use a brand in real life, consumers believe that it’s because these brands are to be trusted.

Influencers have an emotional connection to consumers

At some point, consumers don’t just follow influencers because they idolize them. They follow influencers on social media because they can connect to them on a level deeper than consumerism.

Mothers follow other mommy bloggers because they can relate to stories of child-rearing, health and fitness, and traveling with young kids. Influencers are often seen as old friends.

They are relatable, familiar, and trustworthy. If your brand needs to improve its Lakeland public relations, the best way is to connect with influencers who have a personal connection or need for your products and services.

Influencers open the gateway for consumers to interact with your brand

Influencers are the best brand ambassadors. When their followers see them use your brand, for example, it allows these potential consumers to engage with the brand. Now that they have seen someone they trust to use the brand, it opens the possibility for them to engage with that brand.

Engagement includes participating in conversations, making a purchase, or sharing content on social media. The influencers can act as the implementing agency by starting the conversation and sharing real-life experiences while the PR firms start the buzz around the brand.