Yes, a Lakeland public relations company is worth the money. Yes, you need to pay for a PR firm’s services. No, not everything can be done for free. If you want to boost your brand’s image, you need to invest in sound marketing and PR strategies.

Public recognition and trust are the two most important elements of branding. Through the stories being run in the media about your business, your target will be made aware of your company. It will also build your credibility as a businessman. 

Successful businesses have good relationships with media outlets, journalists, bloggers, influencers, editors, and publishers. They know how to harness the power of media.

In a recent survey, respondents said they trust the media more than they do advertisements. This means that no matter how much money you pour into producing ads, it is your relationship with the media that will make or break you. 


When you look at your business, you are blinded with affinity, affection, and sympathy. You are too close to the business to have any real and objective eye. You cannot see the business for what it is. You cannot distinguish failures and mistakes. That will make you an ineffective person to decide what kind of PR strategy will work for the company. 

A reputable and legitimate PR agency will see the flaws and understand the strengths of your business. It can identify which ideas will work for the business and re-channel these methods to media outlets. They can create fresh content that your target market has never seen before. They know what news outlets will consider newsworthy. They know what sells. 

Media Relations

PR firms have solid relationships with journalists and media outlets. They know how to pitch what story to who. They know how to convince editors and publishers to give your story the time of the day. journalists will actively seek their friends in the PR industry for a press kit about a certain business or company. You cannot tap into this rich resource of credible media people. It takes years to build this kind of relationship with them. 

Crisis Management

A crisis can hit any company without you even realizing how it happened. One day, you are fine and dandy and the next thing you know, you’re in the middle of the worst crisis in social media history.

A Lakeland public relations company is trained to react proactively. They know how to handle these situations. They will mitigate the effect of a crisis on the business. The goal of a PR company is to make sure your business will benefit from the crisis, rather than suffer from it. 

Still not convinced that you need a PR agency? Remember that your connection to your target market will rely on your credibility as a business. You will build this credibility only by making sure there’s a good PR team handling your company.