How do you know that a Lakeland public relations company can handle the PR problem you’re about to dump on their laps? Their experiences will speak for themselves.

Instead of going for an agency that hasn’t even handled its very first crisis, thinking they can give your company the time it deserves, you may want to look into more experienced PR companies.

They know what to do. They have been there. They got out of the issues alive and probably even succeeded in redeeming the reputation of their client.

Here are the three situations that can hone the skills of a PR company:

A viral post on social media

Whether a positive or a negative viral post on social media, a PR company will need to handle the massive feedback that such a post will trigger from social media fanatics.

When a viral post about your client goes on social media such as Facebook and Twitter, your immediate reaction should be to monitor what people are saying about the post and client.

A scandal

At one point in time, your client will face a challenging situation that could affect its reputation. A scandal can make or break a company. Your job as a PR agency is to handle the management of the scandal so that it doesn’t affect the company and its market.

A scandal will equip your PR agency to handle smaller issues in the future. Nothing challenges a PR agency than handling a scandal that can put a company to the ground.

The first thing you need to do when a scandal erupts about your client is to determine the root cause of the issue and see how it connects with your client.

A massive disinformation campaign

Competition is tough. Sometimes, this competitive market tends to push competitors to make erroneous claims about other companies in the same niche.

When a massive disinformation campaign hits your client, the first thing you need to do is work on clearing your client’s name; make sure that your client will remain unscathed by the disinformation.

Your primary goal is to protect your client and his business. Your response must be immediate and your focus must be to work on clearing up the issues rather than engaging your competitor in a mudslinging battle. These situations and issues will make a Lakeland public relations company stronger and better equipped.